Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Blog, New 'Tude

So I decided to hop on the trend and get a blog to keep up with all of ya'lls! Also I wanted to just go out there and be more aware of what's going on artistically and just LOOK. There's too much out there for me to forget so I might as well have a page where I post randomies and gigglers!

Here's one to start! A cat riding a turtle! It cracks me up because our Kitten tries to sit on the rabbit's head all the time. I think T-Rex wants to play with the rabbit like he would a cat, but the rabbit is so terrified he runs away. I don't think T-Rex wants to eat him, he just chases him around, tries to sit where the rabbit sits, and tries to live in the rabbit's cage and drink the rabbit's water!

Another cat-related post, reposted from Robin: Cute boys and cats! Also from Robin, Sleep Talkin' Man!

In art news, here's a mockup of a jeux jar that I'm making as a friend's birthday present. I've burnt down a Yankee candle and peeled off the original wrapping, so now you have an air-tight jar. Not sure if I like the bottom wrap-around because there's not that much contrast in value between the orange and the blue and yellow, but I'll figure it out. May it keep her treasures safe! The design is entirely made up of words from song lyrics by the Beatles and MGMT.

"It's getting hard to be someone, But it all works out"

Oops forgot this post from Byron about books that involve time travel! Can't wait to check them all out and read them! Also from Byron: endless amusement and stupidity.

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